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Calibrate into a new frequency and a POWERFUL EXPRESSION of YOU! 

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A beautiful JOURNEY BACK TO YOU - Revealing and releasing the wisdom and truth, that lies within your body and ALLOWING you to step into YOUR WHOLENESS with JOY & EASE!

Connect deeply with your immense power, creativity and aliveness as you learn to embody, honor and express the truth of the WILD, FEMININE WOMAN you really are!

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Become Free and Alive in your body and begin Living the Life of your dreams!

This programme is created to assist you in connecting with yourself in new ways & assist your calibration into a new frequency and a New Way of empowered, connected & intuitive Living that opens up a whole new world!
This is your wake up call!
Do you want to feel even more awake and alive? Whatever that looks like now in your life, you know that something more is available to you and this is expressed through your body.
You have so much power accessible and so many resources calling you to be set free and EXPRESS in life!
For all the women who KNOW, that they can free their bodies up even more and connect more deeply within.
If you are experiencing challenges in energy. Or even more severe physical symptoms - I am telling you, that this doesn’t have to be a weakness - and you don't have to wait to LIVE more FULLY as the powerful and intuitive WOMAN you truly ARE! - I Will assist you to the place of KNOWING where you Will see and experience What’s right about This and why This is where your greatest power and wisdom are found!
You can connect with your LIFE PURPOSE NOW!
You will heal and connect deeper with yourself as well as others as we heal and grow together in This healing and awakening group for women only!

Heal and grow as you move through the following modules guided by Dr. Ida:


Module 1:

"Igniting your inner fire" - Connecting with your firesoul, your purpose, why you are here and what you are here to be in life! 

Connect with, sense and experience the immense and infinite power and life force: ALIVENESS that you have within in you and  your shift awareness of who you really are forever!


Module 2:

"Loving your body and being in your body" - Sense, ground, heal, grow...The ability to be able to stay in your power and truth strongly and be a strong intuitiv feminine warrior of the heart, requires a strong foundational connection with the physical & your physical BODY!

This is how we create, receive and FEEL ALIVE!

Ground into your your UNIQUE power!


Module 3:

"Release the resistance" and clear the path....

What comes up must come out - Learn to be CONFIDENT meeting, honoring and releasing, what is in the way of you living your full potentiel & life purpose!

There are ways to go deeper and I want you to know, that there is nothing wrong with you! If you have felt stuck - You know why you are here! - You were never meant to be able to break through this on your own!

It's part of a hero's journey to be guided and supported!


Module 4: 

Stepping into your Greatness and BIG VISION for your life!

Yeyh! You are now ready to open up to your hearts BIGGEST longing and calling! What it's most important for you to EXPRESS as in this life time! Right NOW!

Connect and open to bring your contribution, passion & purpose into FULL FLOURISHING!!

Another powerful step towards creating the dream of your life! 


Module 5:


You, your proces, creating your BIG VISION & Being Alive!


WE WILL MOVE THROUGH THIS TOGETHER and celebrate ourselves and each other and all the dreams, bodies, souls & spirits that has come ALIVE & AWAKE during this proces!


You will be supported and connected with Dr. Ida and the group for at least 6 months to sustain your growth & healing proces! 


About Dr. Ida 

A pioneer in the wellness, healing and health care field as a highly intuitive physician, M.D. & MindBody Medicine expert. 

From her 10+ years of experience in the conventional health care field and her medical background, as well as being a powerful intuitive teacher, healer & leader she shares in a grounded, playful & powerful way.

She shares how our vibrational nature and wellbeing is very much related to our physical health & thriving and even our healing potential and learning to master our vibrational nature as sensitives is the gateway to empowered FREE living! 

She assists her patients and clients holistically in transforming their lifes by stepping into their passion, important life purpose and claim their dream life and big VISION as part of their physical healing journeys!

Important messages are expressed through your body - Knowing this and learning how to manage this wisdom is the key to your healing, experience of aliveness & empowered joyful living!

Dr. Ida is one of few in the world to share her level of unique skills, talents & gifts in her field and a leader in the creation & birthing proces of our new 3rd era of medicine, where science and holism are branched together as a whole! 

Dr. Ida’s education & experience from years in the medical field, as well as years of researching, training and practicing mind-body medicine and intuitive healing - and having her own healing experiences is the powerful & unique package she shares with the world and you! 

She has put all of this together in her own unique expression of modern healing in the concept ALIVENESS MEDICINE - and her 5 step science based healing model.

Dr. Ida embodies a deep knowing & compassion for your unique journey - exactly where you are!


Learn more about Dr. Ida:






Next opening of this programme is on the 29. of April 2021. 


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We are so happy to invite new amazing women into their unique & alive powerful expression through this program!


Step into your passion and begin living your dream!


We will meet you on new levels. Discover, meet and release what is blocking your system and you from fully being seen, receive and express! 

We will get clear on your highest purpose at this time by connecting with your hearts true desire and start the process of bringing that to life and full flourishing through this powerful program!


All in a gentle, creative and joyful way. We connect with what's true and you will be lovingly assisted in journeying higher!

This programme is very intimate and highly interactive. 

Every participant will be assisted Dr. Ida Magdalene personally. 
Safe your seat now!
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Reach out with any question you might have! 
I would LOVE to assist YOU and have you be part of our TRIBE!!
By joining, you add to the great cause of healing our divine feminine and create a healthy, balanced, powerful, bright future for men, women and future generations! 
There are many aspects in this programme and why it was created right now and in this particular form. 
You are a firesoul and you know it!
You came here with an important purpose and somewhere deep inside, you know it. 
It's calling you and you sense it!
I am calling you - to call yourself! 
I am calling you to step up and step in and live your true purpose now!
This is where we are going and how powerful this invitation is! 
Be bold - Listen to your hearts whispers!
We are reuniting on every level!
This is your time! 
It's time to power up in a harmonic true way - The world needs YOU!
See you there, Love dr. Ida

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"Ida helped me gather the threads, my body awareness, my imagination, and helped me gather the active skills and tools that I already had and find the ones that can help me right now, wherever I am, and with them. The new tools that she has given me have provided a lot of new paths and paths that I can use in my further journey. Keywords are gentleness, humor, insight, and wisdom."


"From this pain that had resided in me for years, deep wounds and emotions came flooding out of me from my childhood, and with some gentle words and guidance from Ida, I released all the negative emotions that were harming me both physically and emotionally all these years. I immediately felt lighter, relieved, happy and my physical pain released.”


"Ida is an indescribably loving, empathetic, empathetic, compassionate, present, altruistic person. I could go on! She makes all people feel worthy, seen, understood, welcomed ... nice, discreet, and comfortable way when she intuitively senses conversation where the anxiety sits and blocks the body and gives it free."


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to BE fully AWAKE & ALIVE? And to sense and love your body like never before? 

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